Vendor Application

The vendor registration fee is $100 for the year. For vendors who only set up on Tuesdays, the fee is $40 for the year. To set up on a week by week basis, the fee is $20 per week. The regular season runs from May 5th through October 27th. If a vendor is unable to to make a market day, they must inform the Market Master via email or phone call. If a vendor is absent more than 2 regular season market days, without notice, they will forfeit their booth space at the market and are subject to be reassigned a space upon return to the market.

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Certificate of Insurance is required: $1,000,000 liability coverage, listing the Town of Corydon and Main Street Corydon as additional insured. If you do not have a certificate of insurance and would like to be listed as an additional insured on Main Street Corydon's policy, please include $30 with your vendor fee.

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You can download the application here as a PDF: Vendor Application 2017