Vendor Application

The vendor registration fee is $100 for the year. For vendors who only set up on Tuesdays, the fee is $40 for the year. To set up on a week by week basis, the fee is $20 per week. The regular season runs from May 4th through October 26th. If a vendor is unable to to make a market day, they must inform the Market Master via email or phone call. If a vendor is absent more than 2 regular season market days, without notice, they will forfeit their booth space at the market and are subject to be reassigned a space upon return to the market.

This application is only a portion of the requirements for participating in the Corydon Farmers’ Market. Be sure to mail in your check, proof of liability, signed supplemental payment agreement, and any applicable licenses to Main Street before the Market Masters are able to approve your application.

Any non-profit or entertainment vendors, please download the non-profit/entertainment application and return it to Main Street Corydon

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Certificate of Insurance is required: $1,000,000 liability coverage, listing the Town of Corydon and Main Street Corydon as additional insured. If you do not have a certificate of insurance and would like to be listed as an additional insured on Main Street Corydon's policy, please include $30 with your vendor fee.

List the products you intend to sell at the market: *
Ready-To-Eat FoodsProduceFruitHerbsPoultryBeefPorkEggsDairy ProductsShrubs/TreesGreenery/Wreaths/BranchesFlowers-CutFlower-PottedPlants-PottedBaked GoodsHoneyJams/JelliesSyrup/SorghumConfectionsDips/MarinadesPet Foods/TreatsArtisan/Craft Non-Food Items

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If you intend to sell eggs, please enter your Egg Board License Information (We will need a copy of your license sent to Mainstreet prior to selling at the market):

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I acknowledge by my electronic signature below that i have read the rules for the Corydon Farmers' Market, have advised/instructed my family and/or employees of the rules, and agreed to abide by all terms and conditions. I understand the core values of the market and abide by these values. I, the undersigned, take full responsibility for my person, property and merchandise and will not hold the Town of Corydon, Corydon Farmers' Market, Main Street Corydon, Purdue Extension, Harrison County Economic Development Corporation, their members, management, staff, or volunteers responsible for any damage, loss, theft or injury to my person, property of merchandise. By signing, I allow the market to take photos of myself and booth space for marketing purposes. *

mail check, proof of insurance, signed supplemental payment agreement and applicable licenses to:
Main Street Corydon
111 West Walnut St
Corydon, IN 47112


Please download the supplemental payment agreement, sign and return to Main Street:Payment Agreement 2018

You can download the application here as a PDF: Vendor Application 2018 Corydon Farmers Market

Non-Profit/Entertainment Application 2018