Vendor of the Week

Vendor of the Week: Feels Like Home by Lizzy

            This week we are featuring Megan McGloshen and Jason Mauck with Feels Like Home By Lizzy, as the Corydon Farmer’s Market Vendor of the Week!  This is their first year at the farmers market, selling their products every Friday and most Tuesdays.  Feels Like Home By Lizzy loves to offer their all natural, homemade healing products to people and hear their success stories the following week at market.  Their products include all natural homemade salve that heals eczema or severely dry skin, blemish and blackhead removal face scrubs, poison ivy scrub, and sugar scrubs for both men and women.  When asked how they started up their business, they said “I was tired of spending money on lotions that didn’t work, so I decided to start using organic coconut oil.  From there I created the sugar scrubs.  After more research, I discovered how wonderful the all-natural concept is for healing and it’s been my passion since!”  Feels Like Home By Lizzy take pride in their working products that help their customers feel their best, so be sure to stop by the Corydon Farmers Market and check them out!

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