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Vendor of the Week: Cedar View Lavender Farm

            Featured this week as Corydon’s Farmers Market Vendor of the Week is Deb Knight with Cedar View Lavender Farm!  Deb owns the only lavender farm in southern Indiana.  She has owned her farm for 5 years, having around 350 lavender plants!  When asked how she started her lavender farm, this was her response, “I visited lavender festivals and farms several years before I decided to start my own.  I talked to the owners, asked a lot of questions about the growing, harvesting, the upkeep of lavender, and about the different varieties and which ones would grow better in Indiana.  It has been a learning experience with its ups and downs.  I consider it pure joy and very rewarding time in my retired life.”

Deb has now been at the Corydon Farmer’s Market for three years.  Her products include lavender linen spray, culinary lavender, lavender honey, dream pillows, lavender sachets, lavender sugar and other lavender products.

Deb says she loves meeting people at the market, educating people about lavender, helping the community eat healthier, and making lots of good friends, so be sure to stop by and visit her on Fridays at the Corydon Farmer’s Market!

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