Vendor of the Week

Vendor of the Week: Keagan Ct Handcrafted

            Featured this week as Corydon Farmer’s Market Vendor of the Week is Kim Tate with Keagan Ct Handcrafted!  Kim has been making soaps for more than 6 years!  Kim says that initially, she was searching for a product for her father who has very dry and sensitive skin.  After doing a lot of research to find the best soap possible and for a reasonable price, she decided to try making it herself.  Then after she received many friends and her father’s favorable comments, she started a hobby business to sell the soaps she was making.  Now Kim has been at the farmers market for 3 years offering her handmade soaps, plants, vegetables, and honey!  An interesting fact about Kim’s soaps is that she has a unique formula making a moisturizing, high lather, and long lasting bar.  Her soaps are blended from coconut, olive, grapeseed and castor oils, as well as shea butter, lard, tea tree and bergamot essential oils, then adding natural colors, pleasing scents and essential oils.  Also note that 10% of her sales are donated to organizations working with disaster relief and sustainable living for third world families!  If you are interested in checking out these amazing soaps that Keagan Ct Handcrafted has to offer, be sure to stop by the Corydon Farmers Market on Tuesdays or Fridays!

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