Vendor of the Week


Vendor of the Week: Heavenly Micro Greens

            Featured this week as Corydon Farmers Market Vendor of the Week is Dewayne Cox with Heavenly Micro Greens!  Heavenly Micro Greens started when Dewayne found out about micro greens and decided to give it a go!  This is his first year at the market and he is loving meeting all the people and checking out all of the awesome products that are available locally.  An interesting fact about his micro greens are that the nutrient value is 40-60 times the nutrient value of the full plant!  Heavenly Micro Greens offers Micro greens and micro green kits (WIC/SNAP/SFMN accepted).  If you’re interested in checking out these heavenly greens, be sure to stop Heavenly Micro Greens at the Corydon Farmer’s Market on Tuesdays or Fridays!

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