Vendor of the Week

Vendor of the Week: Pousardien Farm

            Featured this week as the Corydon Farmer’s Market Vendor of the Week is Tim and Jesse Pousardien with Pousardien Farm!  About three years ago, Tim and Jesse wanted to start producing food with a low environmental impact, so they started Pousardien Farm.  Pousardien Farm is a forest farm, working with nature to produce food.  This is their first year at the Corydon Farmer’s Market and they are off to a wonderful start selling their seasonal produce.  When asked what their favorite part about the farmers market was, they kept the answer short and sweet replying with “Nice people and nice location.”  If you’re interested in checking out Pousardien Farm’s environmentally friendly grown produce, be sure to check them out on Tuesdays or Fridays at the Corydon Farmers Market!

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