Meet our Vendors! First Up… 3D Valley Farm

As we start a new season of the Corydon Farmers Market, we’d like to introduce to you the stars of the show…. our Vendors!

Check back often for our featured vendors of the week! We’ll share about their products and their business! Get to know who grows your food!

Make sure you visit the market regularly to support our local small business owners and keep a fresh supply of produce, soaps, honey, and other specialty items for you and your family!

This weeks featured vendor is:

3D Valley Farm

Steve and Jane Carr are located in Depauw, IN and manage 750 acres.

Caring for the livestock at 3D Valley Farm is a daily chore, or a delightful task, depending on Mother Nature. Their animals are raised on open pastures, receiving no antibiotics or hormones. They also have over 1,000 maple taps making available 100% pure maple syrup to their customers along with free range heritage eggs.

3D Valley Farm can accept SNAP EBT.

You can find Steve and Jane set up at the market on Friday nights

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